About Stringr

Stringr is on-demand stringing platform. We provide tennis stringing services for players from their phone or computer. Think of this as Uber for stringing.
Tennis players break strings every week and to get them restrung, they have to drive to a pro store, drop them off, wait for at least an hour and pick them up.
We find this current process of stringing rackets unncessarily tedious. In the 21st century, we have the technology to spawn chaffeurs with a single phone tap. With Stringr, we want to bring this same technology to ease tennis playing.
Stringr connects tennis players with local stringers.
As a tennis player, you enter your rackets and pickup location then click to place your order. A stringer will arrive to pick up your rackets, they will string them and then deliver them to a location of your choice. No more going to the professional store.
As a stringer, you will have new clientele reaching out to you. You will have the opportunity to string more rackets and meet more tennis players, and also not need to drive to another professional store.
The whole process of stringing rackets is made much simpler with Stringr.